Telescope 2.0

Welcome to Telescope 2.0

Telescope 2.0 release.

Telescope 1.5
Telescope 2.0

The team

Lead by David Humphrey, the team working on Telescope 2.0 was a mix of former students, current students from Seneca, and one developer from the open-source community.

The work

Our first task was to port the old Telescope from Gatsby.js (Javascript) to Next.js (Typescript), and the second one was to create Microservices to Telescope.

UI and UX

To design the front-end, I had to study a little bit of UI/UX in the go, which caused some changes in the first sketches, but assuming that we were all living through a process where we need to deliver tasks while we were thinking about what we were doing, I would say that it was expected.


It was a big challenge delivering a new version every 15 days that should look good and work. That’s is where I think we touch the question where we need to look to Telescope as a product. Even if the users don’t use the entire product, they need to see the entire product to use it. So I’ve learned a lot regarding this matter.


First, I need to thanks David Humphrey for making all of this possible, for teaching us the way you do and for being on our side even when we make mistakes. Thank you so much.

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