Telescope Watcher

  • Send messages to a specific channel when one of our servers is down.
  • Slack users can trigger actions to check the server's health and receive the live data on Slack. (Slash commands).
  • Telescope Watcher also let us know which commit the server is using. We faced this problem more than once when building a new commit, and the build fails, resulting in our stagging server staying behind our master branch.

About Telescope Watcher

Telescope Watcher is a Next.js project, it has a front-end where you can check the status of our servers, and the back-end runs a series of continuous checks to ours servers and GitHub. The back-end serves the front-end and Slack.

Images from the tests. (Yes, our production server was down for a while during the tests — which help me to test the app.) There is a lot of work to be done in the content of the messages, and so on. I took all these photos to showcase the app during the test.


Vercel ?

Final thoughts

Telescope Watcher still has an uncertain future because Telescope will be living in the cloud soon too. But until there we have an option to integrate our slack channel, servers and GitHub repo.



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