Recap of what I’ve working on my release 0.4.

My goal is to create a slack integration app for the Telescope project.

Until now, I did not reach my goal, but I have been through all of the following:

  • How Slack App works.

I have been reading and coding, and my conclusion is: the more you understand something more you want to know about this subject and what surrounds it, meaning that read and coding is almost a recursion function.

You write a code. You think it’s a good code; then you go to make some coffee and start to think about the code; when you back to your chair, the code is not good anymore. You found a better way to code it. On the next day, you wake up considering rewrite the entire program, or maybe another program that could work combined with your actual program. But then you read something that leads you in another direction, other possibilities. Well. It is an endless process. Sometimes it is painful, sometimes not.

I’m working on Telescope’s auto-deployment server, adding features to connect it to our slack. But it’s like an iceberg; if you only see the slack app, you are looking only at the surface.

When I started working on the Slack integration project, I didn’t know how many technologies I would have to learn to start. I knew that would be different from what I’ve done so far. And today, I look to the slack integration project as an opportunity to learn new things. And as you know, I like to learn new things.

The results so far are good. But I still have to hit a road to finish the slack integration project.



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