Part one — Hello, Einstein.

So my first step was to jump into some research about how slack bots operate; it was a pretty good journey. YouTube tutorials, Slack documentation, node community articles; But Slack upgraded their bots, so what we use to call a bot now is called “Legacy bot”. And at this moment, we can’t create a legacy bot anymore(not sure if it’s related to my slack account or not). Then I made a Slack App with permission to write into channels and receive commands from the user.

Part two — A zoom on Telescope Architecture.

After testing the basics of what the Slack app should do, it was time to understand the Telescope’s architecture better. So I contact Josue Quilon, who gave me many directions on how Telescope is built on the CDOT machine.

Part Three — Let’s talk(again).

After the review of my PR, everything changed. With David and Josue’s feedback, some options appeared.

Docker Events

Part four — Hello Bash, I miss you.

So I decided to go with the Bash Script approach. There had been a while that I didn’t code in Bash. Hundreds of opens tabs…

The right line would be: “I remembered how to code in Bash.”

Part five — Dear Node…

Two weeks ago, I changed the way I see Node. Node is so powerful. We could launch a spaceship to the moon using Node(Don’t get surprised if David Humphrey sent some links to our slack channel about a project like this). The Node community is so amazing. The packages that you find on npm are so good. And if you don’t want to use them, okay, you have Node where you can write your own program in JS and run it in every place with Node installed.



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