Release 0.2 — Final Chapter.

Art Club — from The Starry Night (1889), feat. Self-Portrait by Vincent van Gogh (1887) and Fight Club by David Fincher (1999)

Hacktoberfest is an open source event that happens during October, where the participants win prizes when they contribute to an open source project.

Hacktoberfest 2020 started facing some imposters; individuals were pretending to contribute to an open source project to win the prize. Some big projects take off their project of Hacktoberfest because of the flood of imposters in their repos, which is a sad thing. Good guys had to pay the price of bad guys’ actions.

I believe the open source community needs to learn and take action to protect itself from impostors. Well, they took some action, and the festival could go on.

It was my first time at Hacktoberfest; the first week was very stressful. Search and finding a repo to contribute is not so easy, at least for me. But you overcome these fears with practical. My advice is: Go ahead, with fear or not, go ahead.

Many open source projects have a good list of contributors and are made of good people ready to help you if you have some questions. So don’t be afraid to jump into the open source universe.

My code style has been improved because you start to read so many different codes; you begin to notice what you could improve in your code writer.

Hacktoberfest was an excellent experience to learn and start in the open source world. I will be there in the open source universe with or without Hacktoberfest. After the first contact, it becomes a reason to code more and more — something to be proud of being part of it. It’s hard to explain.
Let’s say that open source is a club with some rules:
1)You do talk about open source.
2)You do talk about open source.
3)Someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out; the community helps this person.
4)One community, infinite projects.
5)No shirt. No shoes. No RATs.
6)The project will go as long as it has to.
7)If this is your first night at the open source, welcome.

And if you think that you never used some open source technology, pretty sure you are wrong.



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