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Node Package Manager and Tags.

Pedro Fonseca
2 min readDec 6, 2020


Reflection on my NPM release and git tag.

In this lab, we should publish our URL checker on a package manager; as my program is written in NodeJs, I choose to publish on NPM. But I published it a long time ago, 21-Set-2020, when I wrote a briefly documentation about it here.

Today the project is totally different, with many new features that we have been working on in the course, and I have blogged about it.

So for this lab, I created a tag (0.9.0) using git and push it to the GitHub repository, but I decided to keep the old URLpilgrim published instead of release the new Tag on NPM.

But why?

With the constants improvements, URLpilgrim becomes extremely fast to check the links, but the reliability of the tests is not the same as the old and slowest version — you can read about it here and here. So I decided to keep distributing a reliable version of it until I solve this issue on the current version.

I updated the README, so if someone using the npm version wants to see the published code, they can find it thanks to git’s ability to access old commits.

When I look at my old code and compare it to my current code, I can tell how much I have learned and how much I still need to improve.