The first piece of Telescope that lives in the cloud.

There has been one month since the release of Telescope 2.0

In this time, I have been wondering how to solve or at least spend less time fixing problems that frequently happened during the development of the last release.


Telescope 1.8

Telescope 1.8 is a significant mark for everyone active and working on the project; the microservices and the new UI are now on our production server. Which means the new Telescope is flying. …

Telescope 2.0

The new User Interface is coming.

After reading about Jaguars and architecture, I end up thinking about how the design of things that surround us affect us.

I was working on fixing a bug on Telescope’s front-end related to our component ‘ScrollToTop,’ and I thought it was a good time…


Random (Information) Access Memory?

Since the last time that I blogged, my mind has been in many different places and subjects.

I think I’m the kind of person who likes to talk and learn subjects not related to computer science, and that’s exactly where the journey begins.


I found an amazing project in Brazil…

Recap of what I’ve working on my release 0.4.

My goal is to create a slack integration app for the Telescope project.

Until now, I did not reach my goal, but I have been through all of the following:

  • How Slack App works.
  • Create Slack apps.
  • Create node apps to…

I’m working on the integration between Telescope and Telescope’s slack channel.

The goal is to monitor our servers, and if something is wrong with them, a message is sent to our slack channel. David Humphrey indicated to me the auto-deployment server to implement the bot.

Follow a picture to illustrate…

For Release#4, I will keep working on the Telescope project.

My idea is to contribute to the project with a slack integration. Keep our slack channel informed about the status of our servers and our GitHub repo.

I researched about slack bots and decided that it is the way to go.

So far, I have been working on the project’s front-end, and now I will give my first steps towards the backend.

I want to thank David Humphrey and Josue for all the support that makes the possibility of my release#4 on the Telescope project real.

But wait, I still will be there working on our frontend port to next.js and some issues on the front-end and reviewing PRs!

I decided that I will share what I was listening to writing each post.

Balmorhea — Clear Language [Full Album]

Pedro Fonseca

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